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Born and raised in New York City, K Hyph is an aspiring rap artist from the Bronx trying to make his way into the music industry. He has been rapping since the age of 19 and has been actively pursuing a career in music since 2017. With his naturally smooth flow and versatile catchy style, K Hyph has the makings of the next superstar in rap. He has performed everywhere across NYC including showcases, open mics, and auditions at the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem. He has a mixtape out he released in 2018 called “Green Walt”. He also has three singles he released in 2019 called “Pain”, “Lit”, and “Westside”. In 2020, he released an Ep called "What is Lo...?" for Valentine's Day and three singles, "Live It Up", "Good Morning", and "Fuck Authority". He has gained popularity on the open mic scene all around NYC and has gained a solid following on Instagram with over 30 thousand followers. He released a new freestyle called “Turnt” in 2021 and is expected to drop a lot of new music the remainder of the year. Stay tuned to Hyph Music.

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