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Views From The X

Hello Everyone,


I go by the stage name K Hyph and I am an aspiring rap artist from NYC trying to make an impact in music. I have been pursuing a career in music for the last four years releasing an album in 2018 called "Green Walt", a series of singles in 2019 called "Pain", "Lit", "Westside", and an EP in 2020 called "What Is Lo...?". Pre-Pandemic, I was performing at venues all over NYC from legendary open mics like "Nuyorican Poets Cafe" to auditioning at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem making a name for myself on the rap scene. Right before the pandemic started in early 2020, I did my first college show at Villanova University. Unfortunately, that would be my last live performance for a while due to Covid. Shorty after, I lost my 9-5 job and in the time I spent quarantined I worked a lot on my music, while also focusing on building my name on social media platforms, mainly Instagram. I dedicated 8 hours a night to perfoming on IG Live for different Instagram Influencers over the last 5 months gaining 30k followers over that time. Now, I want to keep the momentum going and keep growing as an artist with this new project i plan to drop in November. This project means a lot to me because I worked so hard to get to this point where there is anticipation for me to release new music. I am calling this project "Views From The X" because it is going to give a perspective of life growing up in New York City, in particular the Bronx. It will create a vibe that you can relax, listen, and learn from. I want to bring back the essence of truly classic rap music that has been sorely missing from the rap game. In order for this project to be a success and to maximize the potential of this EP, I need help funding it. The beats, studio time, and marketing will be the main items I need funding for. Also, I am currently not working at this time because I am devoting all my energy and efforts into making my dream of being a rap star into a reality. I believe so much in myself I just know my day is coming and i hope you believe in me enough to support my dream. You won't regret it! Be that person that saw K Hyph make it before anyone even knew who he was. Also, with any donations that is at least $10 and up you will receive either a K Hyph wristband, a K Hyph T-Shirt, or a K Hyph freestyle over any beat of your chosen. Any donations will really mean the world to me, with your help this project will be legendary. Thank you to everybody who read this, lets make history!


K Hyph

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